Established in 1983, Shanghai LingQiao E.P.E.W. Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of ePTFE membrane, PTFE membrane filter media and filter bags.
        We have different kinds of ePTFE membranes for air filtration, garment and other customer-tailored membranes for special applications.
        Our PTFE membrane filter media have been tested by Environmental Testing .....
2012.3 "节能减排关键材料-聚四氟乙烯纤维的研发及产业化"获得上海市科技进步三等奖
2011.10 再次通过高新技术企业的复审。
2011.10 "纯聚四氟乙烯覆膜滤料"被确认为国家重点环境保护技术。
2011.9 "膜裂法聚四氟乙烯工业化生产技术与研究"通过了部级鉴定验收
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